Trekking Safaris

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking safari is one of the best experiences as it give you intimate adventure eith the wild. it is not only limited to Gorillas but you get to explore the best terraines and encounters with rare species of birds and other wild animals

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Wildlife drive Safaris

National parks

Game drive into the deep parks will enable you view and enjoy a large variety of wildlife and get to take those memmorable pictures for your adventure journal.

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Rives and lakes

The Source of the Nile

You cannot end your Trip in East Africa without visiting the source of the river that brought about the idea of farming. The source of the Nile is an amazing site to visit

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Best Activities

Game drives

Drive through the parks in tour vans, trucks and 4*4. get the wild experience and connect with new people

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Hiking and trekking through the woods in search for intimate encounters with the worlds rare wildlife.

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This is an exciting adventure you get to enjoy the rapids of our rivers. The experience is unforgatable

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Bird watching

Birds can be seen almost anywhere come to our safari and get to see more than what you have

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Kawira Safaris

We are your prefered patner for tours and safaris based in Kigali-Rwanda. We run and operate within in East Africa creating and organizing various adventurers activities ranging from Game drive safaris, mountain gorilla trekking safaris, National Park, lakes and river safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We have no limit for the adventure you might like as long as you are ready to make good memmories and experiences with us.

We offer consultation services and organise group and solo adventures, contact us to get good information for your adventure so you can prepare to get the best.

Our Best Packages

7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek And Wildlife Safari

This Package is the best for wildlife overland safari. You will visit the Major National Parks in Rwanda and experience Mountain Gorilla trekking. The 7 days experience is full of adventure and activities

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6 Days Gorilla Tracking Experience Rwanda

With our experienced guides you will get to track the endangered wild mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. The 6 days of tracking and camping will be the ultimate bush experience.

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4 Days Nyungwe National Park Tour Rwanda

Adventure in the land of thousand hills with a visit to the Nyungwe National Park. Nyungwe Forest is one of the oldest rainforest in Africa and the best preserved rainforest in the mountains of Central Africa which is rich in biodiversity and wildlife

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6 Days Best of Uganda Safaris

Ugandas safari package includes the Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Victoria. Its abundant wildlife the chimpanzees, birds, elephants and other rare species. Bwindi mountain gorilla sanctuary. Murchison Falls National Park is known for its 43m-tall waterfall and its famous hippos. The famous Source of the Nile also included as part of the safari for you to explore.

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Rwanda Uganda Combo safari

The Rwanda-Uganda Combo tour is incredibly one of the best packages set for you to discover what these 2 East African countries offers. The tour takes you from southern Rwanda exploring a wide variety of wildlife including the mountain gorillas, the national parks, historical sites and the volcanos then to Uganda the country with alot of biodiversity, source of the Nile, the Rwenzori Mountain, Muchison falls. Activities are unlimited.

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4 days Wilderness & Whitewaters of the river Nile

This is the best of the Nile package where you get to do activities aroung the River. With its large variety of birds, water aquatic animals you get to experience the intimate adventure. Swimming, canoeing and nature walks are part of the package. There is also the traditional adventures where you get to interact with the native community aound the town of Jinja

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client's reviews

i cant wait to book another package. the experience was awesome.too bad my time was limited but am hopping to a holiday with you again.

Erick S


very experienced and proffestional staff. they made my tour feel like a normal days experience. thaks you soo much

Jelena Thimea

freelance photographer

How i wish my time was extended. having an adventure with you guys really helped me appreciate the beauty that Africa has to offer


Digital Currency consultant

I had a very good time, you guys enabled me tick more on my adventure list than i expected. i will sure come back for another package experience

SoloTraveller Africa


The referal i got to you guys was real. it was my first time in Africa but i felt like i lived there. thanks guys. i will send you my video that i made with you soon

Carl Michaels


Our Services

Guided tours

You’ll be guided by personable, friendly, active, who are passionate about the adventure and give the best experience of what our tours offers.

custom packages

We provide customised package experiences to those adventure seekers who have specific ideas in mind for their trips and experiences.

Safari and Drives

With a variety of options we offer Safari drives for solo, group, family and mixed game adventures. option for mode of transport also available

Safety and security

East Africa being one of the safest tourist destinations we also have mesures ensure all our guests are safe during their time adventuring with us

Adventure trail

To make our packages and adventure as memmorable as possible, we ensure that we take our guests to the best sites through the best trails to connect the experience

Combo adventures

We have combined adventures that will make your experience even more exciting. this enable you not to loose a single munite of adventure in your trip. your trip will be worth your time

Our Featured Experiences

Source of the Nile

Enjoy the sunset at the source of the Nile.

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Mountain Gorilla Trek

Rare endangered species of Gorilla in Bwindi

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Bush Safaris

Amazing wildlife and topography

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Bush Safaris

Amazing wildlife and topography

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Bush Safaris

Amazing wildlife and topography

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